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And Somewhere Men Are Laughing at the Connelly Theater

Handee Productions presents And Somewhere Men Are Laughing, by Jeff Mandels, at the Connelly Theater from 11 - 23 Aug 2007, as part of FringeNYC.

And Somewhere Men Are Laughing: In 1955 Brooklyn, as the Dodgers and Yankees battle it out in the World Series, a blue collar family is on the verge of financial ruin and in deep denial about things going on right in front of their eyes. Meanwhile, their 17-year-old son has been invited to a Dodgers training camp but his father, a former minor league player with a terrible temper, wants his children to go to college. A tale of a family stretched to the breaking point by life, yet still with a strong bond between them. But can even the seventh game of the series make any of them utter the most important words of all 'I love you'?

Directed by Bill Russell, And Somewhere Men Are Laughing features John Fugelsang, Hunter Gallagher, Paul Iacono, Carol Lempert, Katie Neil, Jana Robbins and Brian Shepard.

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