An Evening of Grand Guignol Horror at 78th Street Theatre Lab

The Blood Brothers Present in association with Nosedive Productions An Evening of Grand Guignol Horror, playing at 78th Street Theatre Lab from 19 - 28 Oct 2006.

An Evening of Grand Guignol Horror: Through two one-act plays and three original vignettes, The Blood Brothers present a rare peek into a style of theater that proliferated in the early-1900's and was eventually assimilated in the late-1970's and 1980's into the 'splatte' genre of horror films. Blending suspense, stage magic, eroticism and farce, Grand Guignol was a powerful theatrical entertainment drawing an audience from every echelon of Parisian.

In the depths of a sanitarium, a horribly disfigured man totters between forgiveness and revenge. In a small hospital operating room, a stranger asks the surgeon for a bloody favor. In a small New York theatre, two eerie siblings lead their captive audience through a funhouse of madness, chills, and blood.

The Final Kiss (by Maurice Level and directed by Pete Boisvert) and The Kiss of Blood (by Jean Aragny and Francis Neilson and directed by Patrick Shearer) are both original Guignol plays which premiered in Paris in 1912 and 1929 respectively.

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