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Amerindians: the return at Theater for the New City

Amerindians: the return, directed and choreographed by Cristina Cortes, at the Theater for the New City from 2 Feb - 2 Mar 17 - 20 Jan 2008.

Amerindians: the return: A multi-media concept piece examining the theme of 'return' which is present in many Native American and Meso-American cultures. Blending dance, spoken word, body art and sound and video, Cortes and her team create a spiritual journey of the Earth's awakening, drawing on legends, myths and beliefs common to such cultures as Aztec, Mayan, Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux, Lakota and more.

Amerindians: the return features native contemporary musicians - Trudell, Robertson, Ghosthorse, Blackfire, Aztlan Underground and Cherokee opera singer Barbara McAlister.

The creative team comprises Elaine Benavides (sets, costumes and lighting) and, Alejo Gordillo and Dan Goldman (sound).

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