Alice in Wonderand at Under St. Marks

Alice in Wonderand, a comic interpretarion by Haberdasher Theatre, adapted from Lewis Carroll's novel, , at Under St. Marks from 29 May - 7 Jun 2008.

Alice in Wonderand: The story of a little girl who falls down a rabbit hole and ends up wandering through the lives of the eccentric inhabitants of Wonderland. In this rendition of the classic tale, Alice is confronted by an array of peculiar characters ranging from a glam rock White Rabbit to the sadistic, whip-toting, gothic Queen of Hearts.

As sweet little Alice triumphs over life-threatening obstacles and negotiates outlandish inquiries, we watch her grow, piece by piece, from the little girl who didn't want to do her lessons into a bright young lady with her own sense of style and purpose.

Directed by Hollie Klem, Alice in Wonderand features Kameal Nisha (Alice), Keri Taylor (White Rabbit), Sara Gaddis (Queen of Hearts).

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