Album at the Hudson Guild Theatre

The Group Theatre Too, LLC presents a revival of David Rimmer's Album, at the Hudson Guild Theatre from 1 - 3 May 2009.

Album: Divided into eight scenes, the play chronicles the coming of age of two teenaged couples during the turbulent sixties, with the popular music of the period�Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Beach Boys�ever present as a a telling counterpoint to, and emotional anchor for, the lives of its young foursome.

As the years spin deftly by it is also apparent that maturity will bring differing perils and problems for each of them, although all will continue to recall the special excitement�and poignancy�of th these last few carefree years together.

Directed by Justin Boccitto, Album features Lexie Speirs (Peggy), Dylan Bush (Trish), Eddy Francisco (Billy) and Ryan Gregorio (Boo).

A major critical and popular success, Pulitzer Prize finalist, and a long-running Off-Broadway hit (starring a young Kevin Bacon), David Rimmer's Album played for a year at the Cherry Lane Theater.

For tickets and further information click here.

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