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Absolute Clarity at the Players Theatre

ArtVoice and Cinema Anastasia Productions presents Absolute Clarity, by Sophia Romma, based on a play by Edward Radzinski, opening at the Players Theatre on 2 Feb 2007, following previews from 31 Jan and running through to 25 Feb 2007.

Absolute Clarity is about Claire, who is a lonely lover, an irreverent dreamer, a rebellious daughter, and the obsession of jazz musicians. She evokes a number of Dostoyevskian themes as she lives in a world of melodies and double meanings: love is still love, even if it's imagined; death is still death, even if it's an accident. Claire struggles to actualize herself as an artist, fights for independence against her mother, briefly joins a pickpocket-filled jazz band, and revisits the lawyer and judge of her childhood custody trial, triggering disastrous consequences.

Directed by directed by Yuri Joffe, Absolute Clarity features Cara Francis (Clare), Victoria Guthrie (Clare's mother), Mark Light-Orr (attorney), Alexandra Bosquet (lounge singer), Inbal Samuel (attorney's wife), Steve Greenstein (judge) and Patrick Knighton (leader of the pickpocket band).

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