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A Rope in the Abyss at Where Eagles Dare Theatre

Rabbit Hole Ensemble presents A Rope in the Abyss, by Edward Elefterion, at the Blackbird Theatre at Where Eagles Dare on 3 -19 Apr 2008.

A Rope in the Abyss: What happens when you lose what makes you�you? A Rope in the Abyss is a new play about neuroscience, identity, and what your brain is up to when you're not looking.

Directed by Edward Elefterion, A Rope in the Abyss features Danny Ashkenasi, Tatiana Gomberg, Emily Hartford and Dan Ajl Kitrosser.

Free presentations of A Rope in the Abyss in partnership with the Brain Injury Association of New York State, and performed in hospitals and assisted living centers in Brooklyn throughout March prior to playing in Manhattan. Visit for details.

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