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A Few Good (wo)Men at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater

John Jay's College of Department of Communication Arts and Theatre presents Aaron Sorkin's court- martial thriller A Few Good wo(Men), at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater from 20 - 25 Nov 2008.

A Few Good wo(Men): A court- martial thriller in which two marines stationed in Guantanamo Bay, are accused of the death of a weaker marine in their unit. Dan Kaffee, a dispassionate attorney in the US Navy is goaded on by a righteous-minded female co-counsel, Lieutenant Jo Gallaway to make an argument rather than plea bargain. The play unfolds revealing the practice of unsanctioned hazing on the base and a cover-up authorized from the top Commanding Officer Colonel Roy Jessup.

This production is unique in its casting of several main characters as women including the prosecuting attorney and the honor-bound Private Dawson.

Directed by Lorraine Moller, A Few Good wo(Men) features Greg Donaldson (Col. Roy Jessup), Hector Alzate (Lt. Dan Kaffee), Brittney Chavez (Lt. Joanne Gallaway), Jessica Jurj (Lt. Jackie Ross), Corey Punter (Lt. Sam Weinberg), Bianca Morisset (Lance Cpl. H. Dawson), George Foy (Pfc. L. Downey), Tim Skeen (Lt. Kendrick), Langston Belton (Dan Kaffee), Danielle Lorick (Sam Weinberg) and Amarylis Rivera (Lance Cpl. H. Dawson).

The creative team includes Patrice Davidson (sets), Luana Michaels (costumes) and Antoinette Tynes (lighting).

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