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A complete guide to immersive theatre in New York City

Immersive theatre is a type of performance that breaks the "fourth wall," — the invisible divide between performer and audience member. So when attending an immersive show, you won't be seated and watch the action take place on a stage neatly in front of you. Instead you'll be surrounded by and be a part of the action. Immersive theatre stimulates all five senses, and many immersive shows feel almost like an exhibition in a museum where you can touch and interact with the art.

With the rise in popularity of immersive theatre in the last decade, the art form has evolved to include new categories of experiences, from interactive escape rooms to virtual reality and pop-ups. While not all of these activities would be considered "theatre" in the traditional sense, we love them all and their ability to spark imagination and fulfil our love for unique adventures onstage and off. Check out our advice for how to make the most out of an immersive experience, and get tickets to an immersive show in New York now.

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How can I prepare for immersive theatre?

To make the most out of immersive theatre, you'll need to get a few things in order. Here's our top tips for seeing immersive theatre before you attend a show.

Dress for the experience

In some immersive shows, you'll do a lot of walking. In some, you'll actually be in the show. Make sure you research what to expect so you know what threads will be right for the evening. And when in doubt - wear comfortable shoes!

Eat before — or don't.

Food can often be a part of an immersive experience, so make sure to know if you'll be provided with a meal, snacks, or drinks or everything in between. You won't want to miss out on a tasty treat if you're already stuffed from dinner.

Arrive on time

This probably goes without saying, but you should get to the show on time. The cast could move to a different location in the first 10 minutes. You could walk in and all of a sudden be onstage. You never know what's going to happen in immersive theatre.

Travel light

It's likely there won't be room or a place to store your shopping bag, stroller, gym bag, etc. So don't shlep all of your stuff with you to an immersive experience.

Read the instructions

A lot of immersive experiences essentially start the moment you buy your ticket. Make sure to read any emails the show sends you in advance so you don't miss out on guidelines or backstory.

Don't be afraid to explore

Part of the magic of immersive experiences is that they're often in amazing environments. Depending on the show, you might be able to explore your setting by opening drawers or checking out other rooms.

Watch immersive theatre in New York City

Currently, there are no immersive shows taking place in New York City right now. Bookmark this page and check back to see if there's any immersive productions happening in New York.

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