7th Midtown International Theatre Festival

The 7th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival is taking place at four different spaces - all on the same block (36th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues in Manhattan). Featuring approximately 40 shows the festival will run from the 17 Jul - 6 Aug 2006.

Theatres participating in 7th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival are the MainStage and Jewel Box spaces of the WorkShop Theater Company and the mainstage and studio of the Where Eagles Dare Theatre, both located at 36th Street.

"We have an impressive crop of plays participating this year," noted MITF executive producer John Chatterton. "The scripts are good, the various creative teams are enthusiastic and I'm looking forward to seeing some great stuff on the Festival stages."

Some of the MITF7 shows will include:

  • Sketch comedy skewering politics, sex, society, love, and other bad ideas;
  • A theatrical presentation of the poetry of Edward Field, told via a fusion of movie plots, actual events and mythical tales;
  • A drama about a burned-out EMT who finds solace volunteering at a turtle sanctuary;
  • A work exploring the complicated relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud;
  • A drama about a guy who creates an on-line female version of himself so he can enter bi-fem chat rooms - and the ramifications of such a deceit;
  • A campy, over-the-top comedy about the Roxy Rose TV show, whose topic today is: "Can teenage girls be saved?"
A full list of shows, with dates and times, is expected early in June 2006.

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