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'7 Stories' at 78th Street Lab

Rocketship Productions presents 7 Stories at 78th Street Lab from the 21 Apr - 7 May 2005.

Written by Morris Panych, 7 Stories is a comedy that tackles the issues of morality and the meaning of existence.

The play opens with a man standing on a ledge of a building on the verge of jumping to his death. His silence is broken when a bickering couple burst from their window in the middle of an argument. This begins a domino effect of eccentric characters coming out to engage the man on the ledge, oblivious to his state and consumed with their own lives.

The cast of 7 Stories consists of Paden Fallis, Tom Bain, Nelson Lee, Teresa Heidt, Jamie Hurley, Derek Ahonen, Happy Anderson, Eric Thorne, Sarah Fraunfelder, Nick Lawson and Holley Fain.

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