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1170 Underdog at Manhattan Repertory Theatre

Manhattan Repertory Theatre presents 1170 Underdog, by Mary E. Goulet, at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre from 8 - 11 Aug 2007.

1170 Underdog: Set in Mongolia in the 12th Century. Two former childhood friends: one of whom seeks to maintain the rigid rules of class distinction and tradition, while the other (who will someday be known as Genghis Khan) attempts to change them. In the end, their differences lead to a struggle to which there can be only one outcome.

Directed by Scott A. Reagan, 1170 Underdog features Jesse L. Kearney, Jr., Fady Kerko, George Carroll, Doua Moua, Marcus Stewart, Vincent Revo Dungca, Ray Reynolds and Paul Longshore.

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