Urinetown The Musical

  • Date:
    September 1, 2001
    Review by:
    Darren Dalglish

    Book by Greg Kotis, Music by Mark Hollmann, Lyrics by Mark Hollmann & Greg Kotis.
    Directed by John Rando
    Choreographed by Gillian Lynne

    Review by Darren Dalglish
    Sep 2001

    This was an Off Broadway show that was so successful it transferred to Broadway at the Henry Miller Theatre on 45th Street.

    What a delightful and refreshing musical it is. It's described as "a neo-Brechtian absurdist melodrama about a city in the midst of a drought so devastating that a malevolent corporation has been able to take control of all the toilet facilities. Greed, corruption, and betrayal run rampant and the public desperately seeks relief." However, when an old man is arrested and sent to Urinetown for peeing in public his son decides to rebel and soon a large group is challenging the authorities. To complicate matters the leader of the rebels falls in love with the big bosses daughter!

    This is a bizarre musical that is attracting a cult audience. It has an original and clever storyline and many funny scenes. I�m not too keen on the music, it has been described as sounding a lot like Sondheim so this is probably why. I�m not a big Sondheim fan. Nevertheless the music is still adequate and with a confident and talented cast this show is a must see.

    (Darren Dalglish)

    What other critics had to say.....

    BRUCE WEBER of the NEW YORK TIMES says "zesty and full-bodied original" JOHN SIMON of the NEW YORK MAGAZINE says "lyrics have a die-hard whimsicality" David Cote of Time Out says "For anarchic, first-rate comic relief, get thee to Urinetown." JOHN HEILPERN of the NEW YORK OBSERVER says "enjoyable silliness"

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