Too Much Memory

  • Date:
    December 1, 2008

    "Presents too many stereotypes to drive the issues home. It's not for lack of wit and imagination: Moran's speeches are funny, fresh, and wise and delivered with aplomb and poise. But it's hard to care about Antigone's struggle to give her traitor brother a decent burial when she is so gratingly unlikable. "
    Gwen Orel
    Back Stage

    "Gibson keeps this drama moving briskly. Outstanding ensemble acting highlights the clash of principles that propels Creon and Antigone." & "Laura Heisler's Antigone is ably rendered, yet, clad in childlike clothing and rubber boots, she seems at times more stubborn than genuinely tragic." & "The tragedy ends with all-too-modern explosions and death, leaving behind indelible fragments of thought-provoking ideas."
    Jennifer Farrar
    Associated Press

    "Something about "Antigone" has kept audiences and writers returning to its troubling story for millennia, but that something has been lost in translation in Keith Reddin and helmer/co-writer Meg Gibson's version." & "Those questions have been excised from this version, allowing it to become a kind of liberal persecution fantasia about the evil that Republican men do. "
    Sam Thielman