The Wiz

  • Date:
    June 1, 2009

    "bumpy new revival"
    Charles Isherwood
    New York Times

    "overwrought and unfocused"
    Joe Dziemianowicz
    New York Daily News

    "Uh-oh, we're in trouble. As Dorothy, Ashanti has a sweet voice that can turn powerful when required, but she sticks to the same expression -- blank befuddlement -- the entire time."
    Elizabeth Vincentelli
    New York Post

    "there is a good deal here captivating enough for an evening of much euphoria"
    John Simon

    "Despite her winsome presence, Ashanti proves not to be a natural theater actor, and, even more surprising, her silvery voice sounds thin and bland"
    Linda Winer

    "Despite the weakness of two central performances, this is a wiz of a show"
    David Sheward
    Back Stage

    "it comes across as a meandering, one-joke show."
    Robert Feldberg
    The Record

    "Ashanti, plays Dorothy with a woodenness only the Tinman could love." & "a mixed bag of celebrity and musical treats that alternately delight and disappoint."
    Roma Torre

    "this spectacle of color and sound aims high in many regards, and succeeds in most."
    Peter Sanilli

    "this "Wiz" doesn't exactly make you want to click your heels."
    Frank Scheck
    The Hollywood Reporter

    "the show is a limp spectacle -- a fantasy bereft of magic."
    David Rooney