The Night Alive

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    December 1, 2013

    What the popular press said...

    "Something bright and beautiful pulses in the shadows of 'The Night Alive,' the extraordinary new play by Conor McPherson"
    Ben Brantley for New York Times

    "McPherson’s new work, ..., is intriguing and rich in atmosphere, but not on par with the earlier works. Fortunately, the production is sublimely acted."
    Joe Dziemianowicz for New York Daily News

    "The conclusion seems a bit tacked on, and maybe not entirely credible. But by then, we’ve grown so attached to Tommy (main character) that, like him, we want to believe."
    Elizabeth Vincentelli for New York Post

    "The play lurches in too many directions to connect on a deep level."
    Robert Feldberg for The Record

    "The actors, under McPherson’s steady and emotionally resonant direction, are marvelous, delivering portraits of people on the margins with humor and fine texture."
    David Cote for Time Out New York

    "A captivating play rich in tenderness."
    David Rooney for The Hollywood Reporter

    "For all the exquisite tenderness of the playing, the disappointing evening lacks a motor."

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