The Caretaker

  • Date:
    November 1, 2003

    Opened: 9 Nov 2003
    Written by Harold Pinter
    Starring: Patrick Stewart (Davies), Kyle MacLachlan (Aston) , Aidan Gillen (Mick)
    Directed by: David Jones
    Synopsis: Power games played between Mick and his vulnerable brother, Aston , take a sinister turn when Aston brings a tramp, Davies , to their squalid flat. As the brothers strive to manipulate Davies, the vulnerability and inadequacy of all three men are exposed in Pinter's savage black comedy.

    What the critics had to say.....
    BEN BRENTLEY of the NEW YORK TIMES says �Performances are largely one-note.� HILTON ALS of THE NEW YORKER says �Aidan Gillen hits us with the full blast of his character�s menace, wit, and madness.� CLIVE BARNES of NEW YORK POST says �It is compelling theater. Odd but compelling.� HOWARD KISSEL of NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says �This 'Caretaker' should retire.� ELYSA GARDNER of USA TODAY says �Powerful actors ensure 'Caretaker' is in good hands.� MICHAEL SOMMERS of STAR-LEDGER says "The show is a yawn."

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