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The Atheist

What the press had to say.....

"Has all the sting of a 10-year-old tabloid headline." & "Augustine relates his story in a terse, telegraphic, tough-guy voice that feels as manufactured and artificial as the plot." & "Under Justin Waldman�s direction Mr. Scott�s breezy conviction imbues the writing with a liveliness that holds the attention, but the inconsistencies and occasional absurdities pile up like the notebooks littering the floor of the set."
Charles Isherwood
New York Times

"Brightly written by Ronan Noone in a jazzy flow of words that turns jagged as the self-destructive hero's fortunes darken, "The Atheist" is an often funny account of blind ambition thriving in an easily corruptible society. The fast-paced monologue recalls in its comic tone and bad-boy appeal some early plays by Conor McPherson such as "The Good Thief."
Michael Sommers

"With immediate authority, Scott delivers a detailed, concentrated performance almost poetic in its energy and anger. He's aided by Ben Stanton's imaginative lighting design. But all of Scott's talent can't disguise the flaws in Noone's text. The worst of these is to allow the play to devolve into a moral fable."
David Sheward
Back Stage

"As journalists go, Augustine Early is an unrepentant reprobate.... By all rights, he should be the kind of guy you would hate to spend time with, but in "The Atheist," Ronan Noone's engrossing solo play, he exerts a kind of scorpion-like charm. Much of that charm is due to the witty, compelling performance of Campbell Scott, whose sly smile hides, at least for a while, the sting of Early's dangerous ambition." & "Noone's writing has a rhythmic quality, call it a staccato lilt, that Scott captures with complete assurance."
Michael Kuchwara
Associated Press

"Noone's yarn gets better and better as it rockets along, especially with Campbell Scott to give the title character a well-placed jolt or two. As Augustine Early, a newspaper reporter swallowed whole by ambition, Scott has enough hypnotic charisma for about five actors, keeping the aud enthralled by Early's smooth-voiced, friendly facade and occasionally letting his barely controlled rage smash it to bits."
Sam Thielman

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