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Taking Over

What the press had to say.....

"Fiery polemical portrait gallery of a play." & "The extravagantly talented Mr. Hoch has been channeling the restless souls of the dispossessed and the marginalized since the early 1990s, becoming a boiling one-man melting pot." & "Zigzags between peaks of brilliance and plateaus of preachiness."
Ben Brantley
New York Times

"The play loses focus in its final third. Thankfully, though, his performance, ably guided by director Tony Taccone on a set by Annie Smart that beautifully merges elements of old neighborhood architecture with the new, remains sharp throughout and is at times surprisingly moving." Andy Propst
Back Stage

"Hoch's solo show is deliberately, unapologetically unfair and has already earned him plenty of criticism (at one point the performer reads his hate mail aloud). But there's no way "Taking Over" could spark so much outrage if it weren't both engaging and at least partially accurate."
David Rooney

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