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Slava's Snowstorm

"Despite its worldwide success the show has retained the feel of a handmade diversion, modest in its means but powerful in its ability to induce waves of giggles and sighs of pleasure." & "if I were charged with the entertainment of children under 10 and had a Broadway budget at my disposal, this would be the show I�d favor. It does not stun children with spectacle but fires their imaginations and gives them a savory taste of the sensory pleasures of live entertainment without forcing too much unsettling clown intimacy on the adults in the audience."
Charles Isherwood
New York Times

"It played off-Broadway a few years back,...Back then, it seemed sort of charming. Back then, it wasn't $69 to $111 a ticket - for less than 90 minutes, with an intermission. With apologies to Woody Allen - the show is irritating! And so short! Just how much you'll enjoy it, at any price, depends on you, and your love (or not) of audience participation. Do you like to cheer and laugh on cue? Get spritzed with water or blanketed in synthetic cobwebs? If so, go and enjoy. If not, a stiff drink (and an asthma inhaler, if you have one) may help prepare you for the wordless mayhem to come."
Barbara Hoffman
New York Post

"Actual audience participation is far rarer, and witnessing it at Slava's Snowshow, I'm reminded it's as wonderful a sight as the most dazzling of stage magic -- which, incidentally, this terrific clown show also provides." & "And, yes, it's all capped with the now-famous snowstorm, which is about the most fun you can have while being blinded with light and struck by gale-force winds."
Adam R. Perlman
Back Stage

"The refurbished show boasts fresher set pieces, sharper lighting, cleaner costumes, better beach balls, more "snow" -- even more clowns. And if one should whisper that some of the magic has evaporated, who would hear that voice above the screams of laughter of a delighted audience?" & "But for all the fun of dodging giant beachballs and pelting your neighbor with tissue paper snowflakes, something more is going on in this show,... Something that has to do with the eternal power of laughter and the sheer endurance of the Everyman clown." & "While the proliferation of adjunct clowns certainly adds to the silliness ... Slava's original role as the scary clown master of an indifferent, even sinister universe is also diminished."
Marilyn Stasio

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