Romantic Poetry

  • Date:
    October 1, 2008

    What the press had to say.....

    "This tale of couples who can�t live with or without each other goes from excess to excess, wallowing in seriocomic agony to swoony melodies." & "Only people who can make a meal out of marshmallows and marzipan are likely to find �Romantic Poetry� digestible."
    Ben Brantley
    New York Times

    "Less whimsical than it is wearying. Laugh lines land with a thud - or silence - throughout the evening." & "Proof that even talented writers can veer off track, as well as evidence that gifted performers are only as good as the material."
    Joe Dziemianowicz
    New York Daily News

    "As has often been the case when he's directed his own work, Shanley's self-indulgence gets the better of him here, and the hardworking performers are undone by the relentless goofiness of their roles."
    Frank Scheck
    New York Post

    "Cheerfully disorderly musical, "Romantic Poetry" is a sketchy affair." & "Unorthodox romp doesn't satisfy." & "Describing (Romantic Poetry) is challenging since the show's story is so diffuse and the music so fleeting.
    Michael Sommers

    "One of the most incongruous, foolish and pretentious musicals ever inflicted on an audience."
    John Simon

    "A delightful but waning work." & "The intermission � and everything that comes after � could be easily excised."
    Adam R. Perlman
    Back Stage

    "Has its heart in the right place. It's the rest of the show that's the problem." & "The whimsy, presented in lurching, heavy-handed fashion, is leaden. The actors, all quite capable, are blameless.
    Robert Feldberg
    The Record

    "Shanley's lyrics are often awkward or obvious, and so are his stabs at humor." & ""Romantic Poetry" trumpets the idea of verse elevating the language of love, a noble sentiment indeed. Too bad the poetry � or what passes for poetry � on display at Manhattan Theatre Club makes you think of anything but romance."
    Michael Kuchwara
    Associated Press

    "Astoundingly misjudged attempt at a new musical." & "There really is no kind way to describe "Romantic Poetry." It's off the rails."
    Alexis Greene
    Hollywood Reporter

    "It's unclear what MTC sages saw... that persuaded them this porridge was ready for a full production."
    Steven Suskin