Rock of Ages

  • Date:
    October 1, 2008

    What the press had to say.....

    "New, relentlessly silly jukebox musical that's so willing to please." & "It's the music - performed by a hard-rocking, six-piece band - that carries the show." & "A perfect storm of cheesiness.
    Frank Scheck
    New York Post

    "A loud, low-brow, surprisingly enjoyable show." & "Tons of retro fun for anybody loving those bygone times of big hair and even bigger power chords."
    Michael Sommers

    ""Rock of Ages" isn't a bad show; it's just a lazy one." & "Any fan of big hair and bigger power ballads will have a blast at "Rock of Ages," but those looking for something more substantial will be disappointed."
    Mark Peikert
    Back Stage

    "Really, "Rock of Ages" should suck. Like a thousand other shows, it takes pop songs from a particular era (in this case, the hair metal '80s) and shoves them into a flimsy plot,.. And yet, somewhere between the Styx dance break and the Twisted Sister reprise, this jukebox tuner transcends its hoary parts to become a legitimate artistic achievement. "
    David Rooney