Off-Broadway Reviews

Our enthusiastic team of critics also covers a great volume of Off-Broadway productions in New York City, so why not peruse through our Off-Broadway Reviews section and find out what theatrical delights are entertaining audiences beyond the Great White Way?
Of course, our reviews solely represent the views and opinions of the individual critic. Nevertheless, they are sure to provide helpful guidelines in an ever-growing and flourishing Off-Broadway scene. Or visit the reviews archive for closed shows.

  • Suffs
    Public Theater
    There’s one moment in Suffs that will make you want to get up and raise your fist. It’s early on in Act One, during a 1913 protest where over 5,000 women, wearing white, marched on Washington to... Read more
  • Alex Edelman: Just For Us
    Alex Edelman: Just For Us
    Greenwich House Theater
    Logging onto social media these days is like opening a potentially poisonous box of chocolates: You never know what bad takes, misinformation, and hatred you're going to get amid the good stuff. But... Read more
  • Photo credit: Kimberly Akimbo cast (Photo courtesy of Kimberly Akimbo)
    Kimberly Akimbo
    Booth Theatre
    In the opening moment of Kimberly Akimbo, a misfit New Jersey teenager waiting for a ride home stretches her candy choker into her mouth and chomps down on it. Such a kid thing to do. It’s a perfect... Read more
  • Photo credit: Emmanuel Elpenord as Eeyore, Chris Palmieri as Tigger, Jake Bazel as Pooh, and Kirsty Moon as Piglet in Winnie the Pooh. (Photo by Evan Zimmerman)
    Winnie The Pooh: The New Musical Adaptation
    Theatre Row
    There are many ways that a live-action production of Disney’s Winnie the Pooh could have gone awry. Thankfully, the newly opened Off-Broadway musical adaptation of Pooh has eschewed a theme park... Read more
  • Photo credit: Cody Sloan as 'Guru' and Bianca Norwood as 'Comments' in Wild Pride (inspired by Pride) from Seven Deadly Sins (Photo by Matthew Murphy)
    Seven Deadly Sins
    It’s strange to experience a show like Seven Deadly Sins in New York City right now. Performed in multiple storefronts to a guided audience using headsets, the production is a slick, seamlessly stage... Read more
  • Speakeasy Bond 45
    It’s a snap to embrace a show that knows itself. Speakeasy, a bawdy and boozy burlesque, goes down easy in the lower level lounge of the newly reopened Bond 45 restaurant in the Theatre District.... Read more
  • Brenock O’Connor & Jakeim Hart in Sing Street
    Sing Street
    PLEASE NOTE: This is a review of the Off-Broadway world premiere of Sing Street at New York Theatre Workshop. The moral of Sing Street, as taught by a group of moody teenagers and put-upon adults, is... Read more
  • Jonathan Groff in Little Shop of Horrors
    Little Shop of Horrors
    Westside Theatre
    The plant at the centre of Little Shop of Horrors that feeds on human blood may have had its sights on world domination, but the musical that was based on the low-budget 1960 comedy sci-fi film of... Read more
  • Antwayn Hopper & Larry Owens in A Strange Loop
    A Strange Loop
    Lyceum Theatre
    Michael R. Jackson, the living playwright, not to be confused with Michael Jackson the dead pop star, has written a new somewhat autobiographical musical A Strange Loop that is having its world... Read more
  • Brent Bateman in The Play That Goes Wrong
    The Play That Goes Wrong
    New World Stages
    Halfway through the first act of the hilarious off-Broadway staging of The Play That Goes Wrong, an actor who has grown wildly frustrated because of a missing prop turns to the audience and says, “... Read more