Murder For Two

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    July 1, 2013

    "An ingenious miniature musical in the form of a snazzy vaudevillian double-act. The authors and the director, Scott Schwartz, deploy minimal stage resources to maximum effect. With just two actors, a piano and a prop or two, the show spins out a curlicued comic mystery story animated by funny, deftly turned songs."
    Charles Isherwood for New York Times

    "The show tries hard to be breezy — in fact, too hard. As a result, it feels like work.
    Joe Dziemianowicz for New York Daily News

    "Of course, when you throw everything you’ve got at the wall, something’s bound to stick."
    Elisabeth Vincentelli for New York Post

    "The aggressive comedic style adopted by helmer Scott Schwartz is about as subtle as a gun to the head.

    Could be that the material was handled with more wit and imagination at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, where the show was developed and had its premier performance. But in this local edition, the cleverness of the original idea is crushed by a bullying performance style that force-feeds the comedy instead of letting it stand on its feet and speak for itself."
    Marilyn Stasio for Variety

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