Liza's at the Palace!

  • Date:
    December 1, 2008

    "I would love to report that Ms. Minnelli�s voice and physical agility have been magically restored to their former glory, but those days seem to be gone.... Her voice was in tatters, her diction unsteady. When she belted, her wide vibrato wobbled to the breaking point. Most of her s�s were slurred sh�s. Frequently short of breath, she swallowed phrases. Many of her highest notes were dry, piercing caws." & "Once the show began to soar, though, Ms. Minnelli�s force of will became a triumph of spirit over flesh."
    Steven Holden
    New York Times

    "Santa came early this year - with a fabulous present wrapped in shiny sequins and shimmering stardust: Liza Minnelli." & "100% fantastic entertainment."
    Joe Dziemianowicz
    New York Daily News

    ""Liza's at the Palace . . . !" is the sort of late-career triumph of which show-business mythology is made. Looking and sounding better than she has in years, the 62-year-old delivers a knockout show that combines many of her best-known hits with a loving tribute to her godmother, Kay Thompson."
    Frank Scheck
    New York Post

    "Something far more extraordinary unfolded in the second half, devoted to conjuring the spirit of her godmother, Kay Thompson." & "Taking on Thompson�s personality, Minnelli was utterly at ease in her own..., she put across Thompson�s �Hello, Hello� and a smashing �Jubilee Time� with joy and verve. After that, even the inevitable �Theme From �New York, New York�� sounded fresh."
    Jeremy Gerard

    "This entertaining show displays the second-generation star in fine (if not always perfect) voice and shape. You can see she's had some hard knocks but, damn it, she's still here � and she's got what it takes." & "This production is an amiable balance of pizzazz and sentiment." & "Minnelli is probably the last shining star of her kind. There are no more supernova triple threats who glitter equally brightly on Broadway, in films, and on television. Grab this chance to bask in her radiant talent at full blast. To coin a phrase, they don't make 'em like that anymore."
    David Sheward
    Back Stage

    "To see Liza onstage is a unique experience. The adoration of her fans as integral to the show as the singing and dancing. The audience is the oxygen that sustains her and she in turn ignites, combusting really, in a performance that gives so much, she seems dangerously close to flaming out." & "Liza is that rare entertainer who can best be described as a force of nature. Yet she defies nature with a star power that the ravages of time, heartache and pain have failed to dim."
    Roma Torre

    "Liza Minnelli has sunny star-wattage to spare, a never-say-die attitude that is astonishing to watch. The evening is called "Liza's at the Palace," and it would be foolish if you don't catch her act."
    Michael Kuchwara
    Associated Press

    "Sure, the voice is frayed and husky, the control wavers, many of the lyrics are slurred and the big belt at times hides behind the orchestra�s ample brass section to disguise the effort. But nobody who would buy a ticket to this show in the first place is going to care a whit."
    David Rooney