• Date:
    April 1, 2006

    Music & lyrics by: Elton John & Bernie Taupin
    Book by: Linda Woolverton, based on Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles
    Directed by: Robert Jess Roth
    Cast: Hugh Panaro (Lastat), Carolee Carmello (Gabrielle), Jack Noseworthy (Armand), Jim Stanek (Louis), Roderick Hill (Nicolas), Michael Genet (Marius), Allison Fischer (Claudia), Rachel Coloff, Nikki Renee Daniels, Joseph Dellger, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Megan Reinking, Drew Sarich, Will Swenson, Steve Wilson and Tommar Wilson.
    Synopsis: Lestat is a man who escapes the tyranny of his oppressive family only to have his life taken from him. Thrust into the seductive and sensual world of an immortal vampire, Lestat sets out on a road of adventures in a quest for everlasting love and companionship but is forced to reconcile his innate sense of good with his primal need to exist.

    What the critics had to say.....

    BEN BRANTLEY of the NEW YORK TIMES says �The musical sleeping pill. Dare to look upon 'Lestat' and keep your eyelids from growing heavier and heavier and heavier.�
    CLIVE BARNES of THE NEW YORK POST says "A ship resolutely searching for icebergs."
    HOWARD KISSELL of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says "The mediocrity of 'Lestat' might be an obstacle for the average theatergoer, but it should provide none for fans of Elton and Rice."
    MICHAEL SOMMERS of the STAR-LEDGER says "Dead on arrival. A lifeless, joyless botch of Anne Rice's 'The Vampire Chronicles.' Damned beyond redemption."
    ELYSA GARDNER of USA TODAY says "Carolee Carmello, as Lestat's ailing mother turned partner-in-crime, comes closest to evoking any real creepiness. If this vampires' tale had more of that bite, it might not be so draining."
    JACQUES LE SOURD of JOURNAL NEWS says "A doomed effort to translate Rice's hopelessly dense prose to the Broadway stage."
    ROBERT FELDBERG of THE RECORD says "A show that is embarrassingly bad and excruciatingly boring."
    PETER MARKS of the WASHINGTON POST says "I'm not sure how to put this, but, well, the fixation with singing vampires? It has to stop. I mean, give the bloodsucker a ballad, and it's his show that joins the walking dead."
    LINDA WINER of NEWSDAY says "The show is dim, dumb and dreary."
    MICHAEL KUCHWARA of the ASSOCIATED PRESS says "A rather joyless affair, glum and sober-sided."
    FRANK SCHECK of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER"They're not making it any easier to refrain from the inevitable comment that 'it sucks.' "

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