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I Forgive You, Ronald Reagan

"Anastasi's characters often patiently psychoanalyze one another, explaining how various behaviors signify emotional problems that the audience is apparently deemed too dumb to discern on its own.

Such leaden present-tense exposition — the playwright's self-back-patting way of celebrating his own writerly acumen — is ultimately the death of the play, if not the protagonist himself. "
Catherine Rampell for New York Times

"Director Charles Abbott and the cast deliver credible enough work. ... But it's not enough to give a lift to a play that never gets off the ground.
Joe Dziemianowicz for New York Daily News

"The play tries — and fails — to blend family drama with Arthur Miller-style social commentary. Under Charles Abbott's ineffective direction, the actors are unable to make the ham-fisted dialogue even remotely convincing."
Frank Scheck for New York Post

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