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Forever Tango

Opened: 24 Jul 2004
Written & Directed by: Luis Bravo
Synopsis: Forever Tango features an all Argentine cast who trace, through music, dance, song and dramatic vignettes, the Tango's colorful history. The show contains 7 dance couples, who tango in their own unique styles, and an on-stage orchestra with 4 bandoneon players (band-o-knee-own - accordion like instrument - only 200 players in the world) Sensuous and sophisticated the tango inhabits a world where everything can be said with the flick of a leg, the tug of a hand, the tap of a foot and the arch of an eyebrow. The show was nominated for 4 New York Drama Desk Awards in 1998 and continued on an international tour including engagements in Mexico, Korea, Japan and Germany.

What the critics had to say.....

MARILYN STASIO of VARIETY says "the very essence -- of tango." HOWARD KISSEL of NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says "Triumphant return." ROBERT JOHNSON of Star-Ledger says "Will leave you panting for more." RHONDA GARELICK of NEWSDAY says "While the show is too long at two hours, overall it's a delicious night of sexy ballroom dancing, haunting music and beautiful people." External links to full reviews from newspapers

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