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Fault Lines

What the press had to say.....

"Mr. Belber sets up his themes skillfully, and his punchy, jocular dialogue displays a sensitive ear for language. Relying on a constant series of probing questions, the play, however, can get monotonous, almost like a courtroom drama."
Jason Zinoman
New York Times

"Briskly entertaining and well-acted,.." & "In the end, "Lines" is a cautionary comedy about the fragility of friendship - one that might compel you to pick up the phone when a buddy calls.
Joe Dziemianowicz
New York Daily News

"Belber tends to sabotage his gift for entertaining dialogue and juicy characterizations by unveiling one dizzying revelation after another, until one ceases to care." & "The play eventually falls victim to its own fault lines, resembling a tired Agatha Christie mystery with its increasingly preposterous plot twists."
Frank Scheck
New York Post

"The play's final third detours through marital fidelity before concluding with a tediously tidy pair of revelations. In this last stretch, everyone stumbles. The excellent acting ensemble � which also includes Jennifer Mudge as Bill's wife � strains. The steady directorial hand of David Schwimmer shakes.
Adam R. Perlman
Back Stage

"Fault Lines" is brief, barely 85 minutes, but the jokes, mostly of a sexual nature, arrive with sitcom regularity. That's not to disparage Belber's writing. Most of the comic lines are pretty funny, particularly when delivered by Fumusa, whose bad-boy naughtiness is underlined by superb comic timing." & The revelations in "Fault Lines" seem more manufactured � make that unlikely � than real.
Michael Kuchwara
Associated Press

"The best parts of Stephen Belber's "Fault Lines" are enjoyed with your lips clamped tightly shut around that guilty snicker that will probably get out,.." & "Belber seems less interested in his characters than in what hoops they can jump through, so there's a basic lack of depth to these people that only a very good cast and a strong directorial hand can amend.Thankfully, this production has both."
Sam Thielman

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