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"didn�t really grip my attention"
Ben Brantley
New York Times

"chronically entertaining comedy ."
Joe Dziemianowicz
New York Daily News

"may not be great dramaturgy, but it does provide two hours of highly animated distraction"
John Simon

"diverting, entertaining, but insubstantial"
Gwen Orel
Back Stage

"tickles both your brain and your funny bone."
David Cote
Time Out NY

"�Distracted� is diverting. It�s also an �illness of the week� kind of play, which puts a cap on its dramatic possibilities."
Robert Feldberg
The Record

"Focus, people. "Distracted" is worth the effort"
Michael Kuchwara
Associated Press

"the production is so manic and the play's insights telegraphed so insistently that it slides from funny to cutesy to abrasive."
David Rooney

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