Barefoot In The Park

  • Date:
    February 1, 2006


    Written by: Neil Simon.
    Directed by: Scott Elliott
    Cast: Amanda Peet, Patrick Wilson, Jill Clayburgh, Tony Roberts
    Synopsis: The story follows young New Yorkers Corie and Paul Bratter, fresh off their whirlwind honeymoon, as they begin their married life together in a tiny fifth floor walk-up. He is a conservative young lawyer, she is a free-spirited romantic. Throw in her meddling mother, their eccentric upstairs neighbor, and a hilarious sequence of misunderstandings that test the boundaries of their love, and you've got the perfect recipe for laughter.

    What the critics had to say.....

    BEN BRANTLEY of the NEW YORK TIMES says �When the curtain rises on the torturous new revival of Neil Simon's "Barefoot in the Park," the play's eager newlywed heroine (portrayed by Amanda Peet) is discovered applying, with laborious comic inefficiency, hypnotically striped paper to the walls of her first apartment. Not to put a damper on a young bride's early adventures in decorating, but instead of gluing on wallpaper, shouldn't she be slapping on paint? Then at least the audience would have the diversion of watching it dry. �
    CLIVE BARNES of THE NEW YORK POST says "It's unlikely ever to become an American classic, but it remains entertaining enough. "
    HOWARD KISSEL of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says "The plot in "Barefoot" feels forced. Its manufactured crises might work as pretexts for sitcom episodes, but they don't seem plausible as part of a play."
    ELYSA GARDNER of the USA TODAY says "You're better off watching an old sitcom. Might I suggest The Odd Couple? It's considerably funnier."
    MICHAEL SOMMERS of STAR-LEDGER says "Historical. None too exciting. Trivial."
    JACQUES LE SOURD of JOURNAL NEWS says "Scott Elliott (Director) drains all of the humor out of the comedy. It's like letting the air out of this vehicle's tires. And it leaves the audience grouchy and oddly dispirited."
    ROMA TORRE of NY1 says "But despite a solid production, shows like �Barefoot in the Park� have outlived their usefulness on Broadway. And at a top ticket price of $96, cute but innocuous doesn't cut it."
    LINDA WINER of NEwSDAY says "We can't imagine why audiences would leave their home entertainment centers and pay big bucks for conventions available free at home."
    FRANK SCHECK of the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says "A certified crowd-pleaser that should settle into a respectable if not blockbuster Broadway run."

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