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Music by Elton John, Lyrics by Tim Rice, Book by Linda Woolverton, Robert Fells and David Henry Hwang
Choreography by Wayne Cilento
Directed by Robert Fells
Synopsis The tale of Aida, made famous by Verdi's 1871 opera. Prince falls in love with Nubian slave, angering his father and his fiance, Amneris.

What the critics had to say.....

DONALD LYONS of the NEW YORK POST says "'The costumes and scenery dazzle more than the music " SAM WHITEHEAD of TIME OUT NY says "With few exceptions, everything .... is so loud and all over the map that it must be seen to be believed." BEN BRANTLEY of NEW YORK TIMES says " has the disconnected, sterile feeling that suggests it has been assembled, piecemeal, by committee."

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