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What the popular press said...

BEN BRANTLEY for NEW YORK TIMES says, "While Mr. Miller and Ms. Miller are undeniably attractive people, their Julie and John don't seem terribly attractive to each other, a serious problem."

JOE DZIEMIANOWICZ for NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says, "[Sienna Miller] performance is a shade monochromatic, not modulated enough to make Miss Julie's jagged edges sharp."

JOHN SIMON for BLOOMBERG says, "Even allowing for a persuasive performance by Sienna Miller, it is certainly no improvement on the original."

ELYSA GARDNER for USA Today says, "Psychological and sexual tension ensures few dull moments"

LINDER WINER for NEWSDAY says, "Pointless and pretty toothless British update"

ERIK HAAGENSEN for BACK STAGE says, "A work of bracing theatrical art"

ROBERT FELDBERG for THE RECORD says, "More than crazy passion is needed for a drama to hit home"

DAVID COTE for TIME OUT NY says, "A toxic tango that's sexy, dangerous and thrilling to watch."

FRANK SCHECK for HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says, "Updating really does the play no favors, as it only accentuates its less-subtle aspects."

DAVID ROONEY for VARIETY says, "Requires an actress capable of negotiating wild swings and reversals. But Sienna Miller is out of her depth in the title role,"

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