A Body Of Water

  • Date:
    October 1, 2008

    What the press had to say.....

    "This sputtering drama about a man and a woman who wake up one day with matching cases of amnesia is ultimately so, er, forgettable that its resolution ceases to be a matter of suspense long before it arrives." & "Does not deepen as it progresses toward a solution to the mystery at its heart. On the contrary, it flattens and stalls as theories keep emerging."
    Charles Isherwood
    New York Times

    "If you like plays neatly wrapped up, this one will be as disorienting as what Avis and Moss are going through. Maybe that's the point." & "Staged by Maria Mileaf for Primary Stages, the production boasts a smooth flow, consistent tone and handsome design."
    Joe Dziemianowicz
    New York Daily News

    "The scarcely realistic play does not encompass the physical indignities and other strains caused by Alzheimer's. Instead, the fluidly composed "A Body of Water" is a Pirandello-like exploration of reality versus illusion that suggests the disease's fundamental mental dislocation." & "Even if this gentle, mutable play fades from memory shortly after viewing, the sight of this nice couple trying to enjoy fleeting moments of happiness together is touching. "
    Michael Sommers

    "It's all very mysterious, but pretty early in the game, I stopped caring what the truth was. It's obvious it won't be revealed." & "Blessing first pitches the work on the level of allegory, showing how little we know about the people to whom we entrust our lives. So long as Blessing combs this terrain, the play remains compelling, if not gripping." & "Unfortunately, the play itself is not as fascinating."
    Adam R. Perlman
    Back Stage

    "Blessing somehow uses the uncertainty to build suspense and draw us in. He also uses it to pose questions without imposing answers. With so much left open to interpretation, this experimental piece resounds long after it ends, an indicator of worthwhile theater."
    Peter Santilli
    Associated Press

    "A cleverly sentimental brainbender about a pair of amnesiacs who might be better off without their memories." & "Sails on a tide of half-truths and maddening reversals, deftly navigating between absolutism on one side and abstraction on the other. And where it ends up, interestingly, is open to interpretation."
    Sam Thielman