The Illusionists returns to Broadway for holiday season

It has been announced that the entertaining magic show The Illusionists will return to Broadway, running at the Neil Simon Theatre from 19 November 2015 to 3 January 2016, complete with new artists and brand new acts.

The cast of magicians will include Jonathan Goodwin (The Daredevil), James More (The Deceptionist) and Raymond Crowe (The Unusualist), who are set to join returning audience favourites Yu Ho-Jin (The Manipulator), Jeff Hobson (The Trickster), Dan Sperry (The Anti-Conjurer) and Adam Trent (The Futurist).

Described as a "fast-paced show which features seven of the world’s greatest magicians", the show is suitable for families and features "magic, death-defying stunts and acts of wonder".

Produced by Simon Painter, Tim Lawson, MagicSpace Entertainment, and Road Show Entertainment LLC, The Illusionists originally ran on Broadway at the Marquis Theatre from 6 December 2014 to 6 January 2015, and was described by The New York Times as a "A high-tech magic extravaganza".

Producer Simon Painter said of the news: "We are thrilled to be returning to Broadway this holiday season where we were so warmly welcomed just a year ago...Audiences are in store for even more astounding and extreme illusions and tricks."

Tickets for the production will go on sale on 29 June 2015.

- by Dom O'Hanlon