The Golf Wars at Joe's Pub

Joe's Pub presents an evening of cabaret in which Peter Dizozza performs a solo of set piano-driven material from his 2002 musical The Golf Wars, at Joe's Pub on the 27 Aug 2006.

Peter Dizozza will perform a solo set of piano-driven material from his 2002 musical The Golf Wars, which tells the screwball story of The Dueling Pianists, a pair of New York cabaret performers who are convinced by the promise of a fat paycheck to take their show on the road to Oahu, Hawaii. There, amidst much merriment and toe-tapping ballads, they become deeply enmeshed with pivotal figures in a conflict between the US Armed Forces, which occupies 50% of the island, and a foreign owned golf resort.

This conflict culminates in The First Golf War, a battle between multi-billionaire golf moguls and an unrelenting military force, unwilling to allow its precious resources to be co-opted. The story takes a turn for the topical and surreal when the displaced golfers (with Dueling Pianists in tow) retaliate by purchasing large swathes of Manhattan real estate and turning the Big Apple into a giant golf course with no out-of-bounds.

The result is a warped satirical indictment of an administration that cares more for guns than butter and more for oil than its own citizens. With lyrics like "Am I an unlawful combatant, unwilling detainee / Or a Prisoner of War?" from the song �Don't Leave Me Behind�, and "Bohemian girl bring your sunshine to me / To my home in Beirut by the Sea," from �Living In Freedom (Again)�, this madcap political farce isn�t half as dated as it should be.