'Revolution Row' at the Sande Shurin Theatre

Charles Gould and Josh Stein-Sapir
in 'Revolution Row'

Revolution Row, a drama about civil rights, will premiere at The Sande Shurin Theatre on the 18 Aug 2005 and play through to the 11 Sep 2005.

Revolution Row is written by Edward Miller and is directed by Aaron Daniel Haber.

In Revolution Row, a fictional tale set ten years into the future in a federal prison, Republican extremists have maintained control of Congress and the Presidency and have enacted most of their agenda; Abortions are now illegal, prayer is taught in the schools and flag-burning is forbidden.

When a ragtag bunch of idealists who have refused to pay their taxes in protest of civil rights meet as inmates, their quest for equality and justice is at stake. Leading the cause is Reginald Mason, a gay man in his 20s who has had enough. The civil rights crusade they pursue while incarcerated is nearly derailed by forces they cannot foresee nor control.

Revolution Row seeks to inspire with it�s scenes of courage in the face of violent opposition, as Reginald and his followers stand up against the brutal prison system and society�s discrimination.

Playwright Edward Miller is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Memphis. His musical, 'What A Difference A Year Makes', was presented as part of the Naked Angels Reading Series and his play, 'The Retreat', was featured at the Brecht Forum in Manhattan, NY. He is the author of the non-fiction book 'Matters Most Questionable' (Ardent Press Publications). As an actor, Mr. Miller appeared in 'Night Terror' at Theater For A New City.

Director Aaron Daniel Haber has studied with Del Close, the father of improv comedy. He is a graduate of the Second City and Improv Olympic in Chicago and a member of the New York Friars Club.