Pan Asian Repertory presents A Dream of Red Pavilions

Pan Asian Repertory Theatre presents the world premiere of A Dream of Red Pavilions, adapted by Jeremy Tiang from the novel by Cao Xueqin and directed by Tisa Chang and Lu Yu, as part of its 39th season. Previews begin at Theatre Row's Clurman Theatre on 23 January 2016, before an official opening on 28 January and a limited run through to 14 February 2016.

Playwright Jeremy Tiang commented:

A Dream of Red Pavilions is regarded as one of the ‘Four Great’ novels of China. Since its publication in the 18th Century, it has become one of China’s best-loved and most widely-read literary works, adapted multiple times in opera, film and television. Yet this work is little-known outside of Asia – something I feel is overdue for change... Pan Asian Repertory Theater has worked tirelessly to put the best of Chinese culture before American audiences, and is the ideal home for my play.”

Synopsis: "Set in 18th-century China during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, the story centers on two beings from the heavenly kingdom – a 'stone' and a 'flower' – who are reborn on earth as cousins Bao Yu (Precious Jade) and Dai Yu (Dark Jade). They fall in love, but their union is ill-fated as their elders favor a more suitable union for Bao Yu with his affable cousin Bao Chai. A counterpoint plot is of the noble Jia family heading for social disgrace and financial disaster and who represent a crumbling society as the Chinese aristocracy finds itself increasingly unable to maintain the facade of noble infallibility, coming into conflict with ancient Buddhist and Confucian values."

The creative team behind A Dream of Red Pavilions features scenic design by Sheryl Liu, lighting design by Victor En Yu Tan, costume design by Hyun Sook Kim, and sound design by Ian Wherle.

Casting will be announced at a later date.

- by Tom Millward