Melissa's Choice by Steven Somkin at Theatre Row

Steven Somkin's new drama Melissa's Choice: An American Dilemma, directed by Mel Cobb, will play a limited three-week engagement at Theatre Row's Lion Theatre from 5 May to 22 May 2015.

Synopsis: "Set in a remote campsite of a national forest in Oregon, Melissa Golden, a 28-year-old lawyer, women's rights advocate and staunch environmentalist who believes in population control, must face the consequences of her unplanned pregnancy. What happens when life places you in direct conflict with everything you believe and are passionate about? This is Melissa's dilemma, and one that will require her to make some life altering decisions."

The cast of Melissa's Choice: An American Dilemma includes Jessica DiGiovanni (Melissa Golden), Ari Butler (Tad/Thaddeus/Schaefer), Jed Orlemann (Duffle/Duncan/Taffle), Stephen Bradbury (Clyde Clark), Kim Sykes (Melba Abraham), and Gilbert L. Bailey II (Billy Abraham).

The creative team features original music by David Personne, set design by Ken Larson, costumes by Gwen Marder, lighting design by Greg Solomon, and graphics design by Doug Smith.

- by Tom Millward