Ballet in New York City

Ballet blends sheer beauty, grace, and athleticism into a breathtaking and theatrical dance experience. Get New York ballet tickets for a unique experience.
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Experience the world of New York ballet, and you’re instantly transported to a breathtaking artform that is every bit as captivating and singular as the city itself. So much so you’ll want to immerse yourself in the resplendent world of ballet, a quintessential part of NYC's culture.

A song from the landmark Broadway musical A Chorus Line declares that “Everything is beautiful at the ballet.” Truly. What makes ballet in New York special is its unique combination of elegance and athleticism as well as tradition and innovation. On New York stages, centuries-old classics are reimagined with modern flair, and fresh choreography takes the stage alongside timeless masterpieces.

One can witness this enchanting dance form at iconic venues. At the Metropolitan Opera House, the American Ballet Theatre enchants audiences with their exquisite performances. New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center continues to push the boundaries of ballet. The Lehman Center in the Bronx and Kings Theatre in Brooklyn are two more venues for ballet.

The brilliance of these shows, set against the urban backdrop creates an unforgettable experience. New York Theatre Guide is your source for tickets to secure your place in this world of graceful wonder. Keep an eye on performance schedules, and get ballet tickets for tonight or upcoming performances.

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