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Eden Malyn & Lisa Lampanelli in Stuffed

Stuffed posts early closure notice at Westside Theatre

Lisa Lampanelli's comedy will play its final Off-Broadway performance on November 19, 2017.

Tom Millward
Tom Millward

Producer Rachel Karpf has confirmed that two-time Grammy-nominated comedian Lisa Lampanelli's comedy Stuffed will play its final performance at off-Broadway's Westside Theatre on November 19, 2017. Despite positive reviews, the play has struggled to find its audience and will have played a total of 31 previews and 23 regular performances upon closing. Performances began on October 5, 2017, before an official opening on October 19. The production was previously booking through to February 18, 2018.

Lisa Lampanelli commented: "The issue of weight and body image is one that nearly everyone I talk to struggles with every single day," Lampanelli said. "It is an issue that is often surrounded by shame. By telling real stories of real people, Stuffed attempted to take some of the shame and secrecy out of these issues. If telling the truth through the play helped even one person, I am over the moon about it. That is the exact reason I wrote the show in the first place."

Synopsis: "The four characters in Stuffed are a lifelong dieter, a bulimic, a confident overweight gal, and a permanent size-zero. The play explores the crazy-making world of our relationships with food and it doesn't shy away from tough questions like: Is eating an ice cream sandwich in the shower as emotionally fulfilling as it sounds? When it comes to jeans, what's better -- muffin top or camel toe? And, if Oprah, the most powerful person in the world, can't conquer her food issues, what can the rest of us do but laugh as we try?"

The cast of Stuffed includes Lisa Lampanelli (as Lisa), Lauren Ann Brickman (as Marty), Marsha Stephanie Blake (as Katey), and Eden Malyn (as Britney).

The comedy is directed by Jackson Gay and also features additional material by Ashley Austin Morris.

The creative team behind Stuffed eatures scenic design by Antje Ellermann, costume design by Jessica Ford, lighting design by Amith Chandrashaker, and sound design by Elisheba Ittoop.

Stuffed previously played a limited off-Broadway engagement at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre from September 23 to November 6, 2016.

Stuffed Tickets are now available for performances through to November 19, 2017.

(Photo by Jeremy Daniel)

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