Plan a fall day in New York with these shows and events

Whether your fall vibe is spooky, cozy, or outdoorsy, New York has plenty of attractions and shows to suit your interests — check out our itineraries here.

Gillian Russo
Gillian Russo

Fall is upon us in New York. The cool fall breezes have blown in not just color-changing leaves, but a cornucopia of seasonal events all across the city. And there's a show or event out there for you no matter how you like to ring in the fall season.

Is the pumpkin patch at the top of your itinerary? Stop at a show set in the countryside on the way to the actual farm. Prefer to stay cozied up inside with a warm sweater? You can do that in a Broadway theatre. Can't wait for Halloween? Celebrate the holiday all autumn long at spooky shows and attractions. You don't have to escape the city to get the most out of autumn — there are plenty of options right here.

We've planned out a few roundups of New York fall events and shows to get you started, based on various fall vibes. Pick the one that best suits you, and get tickets to these experiences to make the most of your fall in the city.

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Spooky fall

If "fall" and "Halloween" are one and the same to you, you're in the right place. Get your tricks and treats, chills and thrills at these shows and events. And this is only a small selection — read our full guide to theatre to see in New York for Halloween for even more scary good options.

wicked record-1200x600-NYTG


The iconic witch hat and broom are the centerpieces of many a Halloween costume. Ever wonder why? This musical provides one origin story and more, offering an alternate take on who Glinda and Elphaba were before they became the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz. This show isn't scary, but it's filled with bewitching stage magic and supernatural characters.

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Ghost Stories: A Mysterious, Macabre Interactive Tour at the Met

This tour focuses on works of art that depict all sorts of scary creatures from various cultures and time periods. In addition to just looking at spooky creations, attendees will participate in activities and discussions about what makes people afraid and why. The tour takes place all year round, but during the fall, it incorporates extra art and other surprises only included during the Halloween season.

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Harvest fall

This itinerary is for those who like to spend their fall days leaf-peeping, apple-picking, and pumpkin patch-hopping. Even if you can't make it to New England or upstate for the foliage and the farms, these shows and events provide all the harvest vibes you're looking for.

2 shucked-1200x600-NYTG


Fans of corn mazes will feel right at home in Cob County, the central location of this corny (literally) musical. When the town's prized corn crop starts dying, farmgirl Maizy finds an outsider to help, but all isn't at it seems. This show, by Tony-winning book writer Robert Horn and Grammy-winning songwriters Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally, delivers a cornucopia of country-infused tunes and nonstop corn puns.

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Little Shop of Horrors Skylar Astin - 750 - NYTG

Little Shop of Horrors

The monstrous, Venus flytrap-esque plant in this musical is one you might not want to harvest. Flower shop worker Seymour finds this out the hard way, as the plant promises him fame and fortune in exchange for human flesh and blood. Straddling the line between horror, comedy, and botany, this cult-classic favorite is the perfect autumn watch.

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Fall-O-Ween at the New York Botanical Garden

What better place to spend a harvest-themed fall day than at the New York Botanical Garden, where you're surrounded by flora and fauna? A natural oasis in the middle of the Bronx, it'll make you feel like you've escaped the city. Participate in pumpkin carving and costume contests, sample treats featuring classic fall flavors, and take part in activities both festive and frightful, all while exploring the grounds' 50 gardens featuring over a million wildlife species.

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Cozy, romantic fall

If you spend your fall pretending you're the protagonist of a Nora Ephron rom-com — cozying up with a good book and a soft sweater, perhaps by the fireplace with your boo — then these idyllic, romantic experiences are perfect for you.

cottage review-1200x600-NYTG

2 & juliet-1200x600-NYTG

& Juliet

Juliet, of Romeo & Juliet, finds love in the big city in this new musical — except the big city is Paris, and she spends just as much time finding herself after Romeo dies. This twist on the classic play is as empowering as it is romantic, and it also features another love story: that of William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway, who rekindle their own flame by co-writing Juliet's new story together.

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central park-1200x600-NYTG

Secret Places of Central Park

Is it really a New York rom-com if the lovers don't stroll through Central Park? Recreate that vibe with this walking tour. You might have seen landmarks like the Bow Bridge on screen, but this tour provides a look into the park's lesser-known hidden gems, including secluded gardens, historic sites, and more. You might find your new favorite spot to go on an autumn date.

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