Top theatre to see in New York in April

Here are our top picks of theatre to check out in April 2024, including more than 10 new Broadway musicals and plays opening in time for the 2024 Tony Awards.

Gillian Russo
Gillian Russo

Spring has officially sprung, and theatre openings have officially sprung into high gear with it. With the Tony Awards just a few months away, tons of new plays, new musicals, and revivals are opening in the hopes of soon getting honored as the year's best theatre.

There couldn't be a better month for the height of the theatre season: Children go on spring break, meaning it's the perfect time for a family theatre outing, even if you're traveling to New York. And with the weather getting warmer, you can take yourself or your friends to the theatre without having to brave the cold.

But even though there are plenty of people flocking to Broadway in the spring, there are still plenty of Broadway tickets available this spring. With so many shows going on, there's something for everyone, from classic musicals and plays to adventurous stand-up comedy to burlesque.

Read on to learn about the Broadway and Off-Broadway theatre opening in April. Many shows that started up last month have their official opening nights in April and continue performances through the month, so check out our list of New York theatre in March for even more shows to see this spring.

Broadway shows in April

April is one of the busiest months of the Broadway season. It almost seems like there's a new Broadway show opening every day. That's not quite true, but there are enough new shows — including shows from March that officially open in April — that you can go to the theatre twice a week and not see the same premiere twice. Check out the new Broadway shows starting up in April.

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Hell’s Kitchen

This new musical from 16-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys captures the sound and the soul of the city. Named for the neighborhood where she grew up and loosely based on her own experiences, Hell’s Kitchen follows 17-year-old Ali, who discovers her passion for music, comes of age, and learns to make her own mistakes. It's also a mother/daughter story, as her single mom, Jersey, learns to let her daughter grow.

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Mary Jane

See Rachel McAdams in her Broadway debut. Known for romances like The Notebook and comedies like Mean Girls, she gets to flex her dramatic chops (again, after earning an Oscar nod for Spotlight) in this poignant play by Amy Herzog. Her character, the title Mary Jane, is a single mother to a sick child, and she discovers a supportive found family in the women around her.

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1 tommy bway-1200x600-NYTG

The Who's Tommy

Guess who's back? The Who's Tommy, the musical adaptation of The Who's landmark album, is having its first Broadway revival and introducing a new generation to hits like "Pinball Wizard" and "I'm Free." Modern technology and a critically acclaimed cast reinvent the story of Tommy, a traumatized young boy whose journey to healing involves pinball skill, unexpected fame, and an all-too-crucial mirror.

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Stereophonic is your all-access pass into the recording studio. Go back to the heyday of '60s rock, when a young British/American band is creating what might be their breakthrough album — if they don't break up first. This tense, thrumming play, named to multiple "best of 2023" lists for its Off-Broadway premiere, includes original rock songs by Arcade Fire's Will Butler.

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Mother Play

Jessica Lange, Jim Parsons, and Celia Keenan-Bolger all under one roof? That's a family gathering worth attending. Lange plays the mother to Parsons and Keenan-Bolger in Paula Vogel's new play, in which all three learn to cope with the fact that their lives aren't what they expected them to be.

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patriots lon-1200x600-NYTG


As the Emmy Award-winning creator of Netflix's The Crown, Peter Morgan is known for expertly and entertainingly exploring British politics. With his latest award-winning play, Patriots, he turns his focus to Russia. See the epic story of how Boris Berezovsky, a once-powerful Russian politician, rose and fell after he supported a young Vladimir Putin — and then became his most outspoken critic.

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The Wiz

Ease on down the road to Oz this spring! The Wiz, the groundbreaking all-Black reimagining of The Wizard of Oz, returns to Broadway with Wayne Brady in the title role. The show features all the classic characters audiences know and love as part of a joyful, vibrant celebration of Black culture. This revival also features new material by celebrated comedian Amber Ruffin.

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The 2005 album Illinois rocketed indie folk musician Sufjan Stevens to widespread fame, and it was named to "best of" lists in numerous music outlets. Now, experience Stevens's songs anew in Illinoise, a dance theatre production based on the album. The show pays homage to the title state and its people, landscapes, UFOs, zombies, and more.

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Uncle Vanya

See Steve Carell make his Broadway debut alongside a star-studded cast including Alfred Molina, Anika Noni Rose, William Jackson Harper, and more. The star of The Office plays the title role in Anton Chekhov's classic drama about relatives and relationships turned upside down by repressed dreams, desires, and tensions that erupt on their once-quiet family farm.

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cabaret cast-1200x600-NYTG


Come to the cabaret, old chum! The August Wilson Theatre completely transformed into the Kit Kat Club for director Rebecca Frecknall's multi-award-winning Cabaret revival straight from London. Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) and Gayle Rankin (GLOW) star as the Emcee and Sally Bowles in this semi-immersive production, where the entertainment begins an hour before the show even does.

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Off-Broadway shows in April

Don't forget about Off-Broadway shows amid all the April Broadway openings! This month's Off-Broadway theatre includes a lively new musical, stand-up comedy, a sinfully spectacular variety show, and so much more. If you're looking for a different experience than seeing a traditional play or musical on a Broadway stage, check out these Off-Broadway shows in April.

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Sally & Tom

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Suzan-Lori Parks is back with her latest play about power, history, and putting on a show. A small theatre company is putting on a play about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, starring the show's director as Tom and the show's writer as Sally. Oh, and they're dating in real life. What could go wrong?

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queen of hearts-1200x600-NYTG

Queen of Hearts

Company XIV's sinfully spectacular show is back at Théâtre XIV. Burlesque dance, circus performance, and music bring to life a lush paradise inspired by the Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and audiences are sure to experience plenty of wonder alongside Alice as she explores Wonderland. Cocktails and treats are also on offer during the show — but don't worry, they won't make you grow or shrink.

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Award-winning performance artist Taylor Mac stars in Sarah Ruhl's acclaimed adaptation of Virginia Woolf's classic novel. The gender- and time-bending story of Orlando follows the title character's journey of self-discovery across centuries, beginning when he is a man in Elizabethan England and ending when she is a woman in the 20th century.

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At a nearly all-white workplace, two Black employees are both pushed together and pitted against each other in a battle for recognition and ambition. Ife Olujobi's new play explores assimilation, survival, and rage.

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Here There Are Blueberries

When a mysterious album of World War II-era photos of Nazis arrives on the desk of a Holocaust museum archivist, it sets off a cultural and ethical debate far beyond the museum's walls. Based on a true story, Here There Are Blueberries is the latest production from Tectonic Theater Project, known for The Laramie Project.

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The Lonely Few

Lauren Patten, Taylor Iman Jones, and Damon Daunno star in this new, original rock musical about following one's heart away from home and back. Small-town rocker Lila gets the chance to tour with big-time musician Amy, and the two find love along the way. But is it enough to keep all their dreams alive?

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Staff Meal

A mysterious restaurant keeps its patrons safe from the chaotic and frightening world outside — at least until it's closing time. Abe Koogler's play centers on a group of lonely city folk who find refuge and community in the most unexpected of places.

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