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Infographic: West End vs. Broadway

Learn fast facts about theatre on both sides of the pond.

London and New York City have many similarities, but its really the differences between them that make each city unique. While Londoners have got Hyde Park, The Royal Family and a nice cup of tea, New Yorkers have amazing pizza, huge skyscrapers and the world's best bagels.

When it comes to theatre, these cities have one thing in common: they both have some of the best shows and talent to offer. That, and the fact that you can still see The Phantom of the OperaWicked, or The Lion King in both!

Broadway and the West End offer world-class live entertainment experiences, so we've created an infographic to help you understand what makes these distinct theatre communities shine. If you're traveling to New York or London and want to learn a little about the history of the West End or Broadway, or just know more about the theatre industry, check out our infographic.

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