I Am Not a Chimpanzee at Where Eagles Dare Theatre

Theatre Resources Unlimited presents I Am Not a Chimpanzee, by Michael Stockman, at the Where Eagles Dare Theatre from 16 Jul - 4 Aug 2007, as part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival.

I Am Not a Chimpanzee: An off-beat drama that takes place in the Park Avenue kitchen of Sam & Margaret Waxman. Sam, formerly a partner in a white shoe law firm, spends his days in sweats doing street drugs under the table. Margaret spends her time at a sanctuary for chimpanzees at the Bronx Zoo. In a last ditch effort to win his wife back from the chimps, Sam hires a hooker & during the course of the evening, he & Margaret get in touch with the reality of their loss.

Directed by Douglas S. Hall, I Am Not a Chimpanzee features Betty McKinley, Mort Milder and Nedra McClyde.

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