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How 'The Shark is Broken' cast spends a perfect summer day

Cast members of The Shark is Broken share their favorite summer activities in New York City, from long walks in Central Park to evenings at the theatre.

Allison Considine
Allison Considine

When the heat cranks up in the city, so does the energy! Locals and tourists soak up the sun, flock to the beaches, and find respite in air-conditioned Broadway theatres. This summer, Broadway’s The Shark is Broken allows audiences to experience the beach from the comfort of their seats at the Golden Theatre.

The Shark is Broken is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Jaws, the quintessential summer blockbuster. The play takes audiences back to the Martha’s Vineyard film set in 1975, where tensions between cast members rise, and the broken mechanical shark continually stall production. This beachy, biographical play is the perfect summertime outing in New York City.

New York Theatre Guide spoke with the cast of The Shark is Broken about how they like to spend summer days in the city — when they’re not on stage, of course — and offers tips for how you can adopt their itineraries for yourself.

Alex Brightman

In The Shark is Broken, Tony nominee Alex Brightman portrays Richard Dreyfuss, who played the film’s oceanographer Matt Hooper. Brightman prefers a no-fuss, quiet summer day in the Big Apple.

“No offense to everyone that lives in New York City or the tourists, but my perfect summer day in New York City is: all 8 million people clear out, and I just get a lovely walk through Central Park with my dog and my wife,” said Brightman. “And that's it. Maybe we have a cold frosty drink, but just a nice, uninterrupted walk — which will never happen, but it is a dream of mine.”

Never say never! The Secret Places of Central Park Walking Tour, led by a New York City historian, takes participants to the paths less trod (and less populated) in Central Park. The 3.25-mile walking tour explores scenic locations above 100th Street, including historic sites and formal gardens.

Colin Donnell

Colin Donnell, The Shark is Broken’s Roy Scheider (Chief Martin Brody in the movie), likes to spend summer days outdoors with his family.

“My perfect summer day in New York City would involve taking a walk with our two dogs and our two children," Donnell said. "It would involve some delicious iced coffee somewhere and probably a bagel with lox. And then it would probably end with a date night, with my wife and I going into a concert or just sitting outside of one of our favorite restaurants and having a good meal — just the two of us, because that doesn't happen very often anymore.”

You, too, can take a long walk in New York City this summer — and learn some history to boot! The Hamilton & Washington: Secrets of the Past Walking Tour in Lower Manhattan explores the historic sites of Alexander Hamilton and George Washington’s accomplishments. Hamilton fans and U.S. history buffs of all ages will enjoy this adventure to the past.

Ian Shaw

The Shark is Broken co-writer Ian Shaw portrays his father in the play. In the seminal film, the late Robert Shaw played the ruthless shark hunter Quint. For his part, Shaw hopes to engage in a heartful activity on a rare day off.

“I'm going to take my kids to Central Park and feed the birds because that's what I did when I was 5 with my mom, and that's a precious memory to me,” said Shaw.

If you want to fill your kids’ memory bank this summer, there are many family-friendly attractions to visit — and none more on-theme for The Shark Is Broken than the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Delve into military and maritime history and explore authentic historic ships — minus the sharks.

Guy Masterson

The Shark is Broken’s director Guy Masterson, who is from the U.K., is a true New Yorker. “A perfect summer day in New York City is sitting in my apartment with air conditioning!” said Masterson with a laugh.

A Broadway theatre like the Golden is the best place to find that out on the town.

Photo credit: Ian Shaw, Alex Brightman, and Colin Donnell. (Photos courtesy of production)

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