Hiroshima: Crucible of Light at Walkerspace

Untitled Theater Company #61 presents Hiroshima: Crucible of Light, a newly conceived production of a Robert Lawson play, directed by Edward Einhorn, featuring Oppenheimer, Curie, Einstein, and centered on the nine seconds during which the atomic bomb detonated. The production plays at Walkerspace from 27 Feb - 15 Mar 2008.

Using original music by Henry Akona, butoh dancing, a boy cellist, and video art, this production will be a collage of images and text examining man's desire for knowledge and the dangers within that desire.

The production will travel through the initial development stages of the bomb, as an abstraction, to the reality of it to those in Hiroshima. It will examine the themes of science and ethics, themes common to Untitled Theater's season. Above all, the production will be a play full of images, both beautiful and devastating.

Hiroshima: Crucible of Light plays in repertoire with Cat's Cradle and Brians and Puppets at Walkerspace.

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