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Heartbreak at Under St. Marks

Edge of Insanity Productions presents Heartbreak, by Marc Morales, at Under St. Marks from 12 Oct - 4 Nov 2006.

Heartbreak: In the basement of one of the hottest clubs in the city, broken-hearted Andrew is bitten by Fran, a vampire whose thirst for love exceeds her thirst for blood. The stakes are raised as Andrew's friend Stan and his sister Helen go to the club to search for him. Their journey puts them in the middle of an ancient war. Tonight in one of New York 's hottest night clubs Vampire will fight man . Will the prophecy be fulfilled?

Directed by Marc Morales, Heartbreak features Pauly Burke, Solly Duran, Izzy Ruiz, Vedant Gokhale, Vinnie Kay, Isabella Manso, Patrick McColley and Tom Summers, Arnold Sydney, Heather Thompson, Robert Yang, Melanie A. Maras and Mariel Matos.

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