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Equality Playwrights Festival an evening of 4 one-act plays at Theatre Row's Clurman Theatre

Diverse City Theater Company presents Equality Playwrights Festival, an evening of 4 one-act plays on the theme of equality and gender identity, at the Clurman Theatre from 11 - 26 Aug 2006.

  • Clean Living
    Writer: Robert Askins
    Director: Steven Ditmyer
    Cast: Stephen Buck, Christopher Kromer, David Newer and Adam Schneider
    Synopsis: Set in an Army barracks, two men Norm and Al try to uncover George's sexuality. But Clever George will not tell and Norm and Al can�t ask. After several unsuccessful attempts to get an answer, Al brings in Calder, an officer and interrogator, whose techniques for retrieving the truth are unusual.
  • Veils
    Writer: Joe Byers
    Director: Gregory Simmons
    Cast: Randy Falcon and Natasha Marco
    Synopsis: A sexual encounter between a GI with a sexual gender 'identity problem' and a Veiled 'woman' named Aliya - leads to unexpected discoveries and acceptance.
  • Onna Field
    Writer: Stuart Harris
    Director: Carlos Armesto
    Cast: Michael Early and Victor Lirio
    Synopsis: Gay student Jerry Harkins needs better then a F grade in athletics. The coach offers to help him lift his grades, and in the process both men learn something about themselves.
  • Cold Flesh
    Writer: Jorshinelle Taleon-Sonza
    Director: Adam Fitzgerald
    Cast: Stephen Buck, Liz Casasola, Christopher Kromer, Victor Lirio and David Newer
    Synopsis: Follows a newly-emigrated Filipino woman investigating significant people in her late husband's life in America to reconstruct the man she knew versus the man he had supposedly become.

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