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Dinner With Ahmed at the Sargent Theatre

Blume Media Group presents Dinner With Ahmed, by Paul Rawlings, at the American Theatre of Actors' Sargent Theatre from 22 Feb - 9 Mar 2008.

Dinner With Ahmed: Takes place at an interesting, if not typical, Georgetown dinner party for people crusading for liberty and unimpeded rights (even for those who yearn to blow up or otherwise wipe out these liberal idealists along with anyone else). Prominent characters are Washington civil rights activists, a Senator�s widow, a Homeland Security tough guy, a tortured possible terrorist and a Supreme Court Justice.

Directed by Danielle Campbell, Dinner With Ahmed features Joseph Callari, Amir Darvish, Ray Durand, Ross Anthony Evans, Scott Glascock, Alex Herrald, TaShawn Jackson, Michael Jaye, Sue Mathys, Lauren Millberger, Corinne Palermo and Rory Wheeler.

The creative team comprises Kevin Lee Allen (sets), Eric Bergrin (costumes), Matthew Miller (lighting) and Bernard Fox (sound).

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